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Advantages of the Exwater technology

• Reliable killing of bacteria and yeasts

• Shortens cleaning time and expands production time

• Promotes a consistent product and production quality

• Active ingredient tested for purity in compliance with BS EN 901

• Exwater Anolyte complies with National and International drinking water directives

• Handling and storage of hazardous working materials are reduced

• No wastewater pollution, improved COD and AOX values

• Simple integration into existing systems We deliver individual, practical solutions for safe plant hygiene in beverage production and beverage filling.

BioMedox Int-Eaquasys UK

The BioMedox Int coupled with the Eaquasys UK can ensure and preserve the product quality of non-alcoholic beverages starting from the raw materials through to the bottled product. The application of Exwater Anolyte guarantees the complete elimination of all harmful bacteria and yeasts within a short contact time.

SanClean anolyte kills Bacterias & Viruses

SanClean ECA stands for Electrolised Water, generated by Sanlean generators.


How does SanClean ECA work?
SanClean ECA Anolyte works the same as the Human Immune System

Exwater is a miracle water

Eaqua SYS Main Applications

Hotels & Hospitalities
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Theme & water Parks
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Athletic Facilities & Gyms
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Places for Worship
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Cinemas & Socialisations
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Swimming Pools & Resorts
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Schools & Education Centres
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Supermarkets & Groceries
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Public Transport
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Use of Anolyte in well water and municipal water

The addition of SanClean Hypochlorous Acid HOCL  to the water supply, downstream of the water meter, eliminates all relevant germs, breaks down existing biofilms, and effectively prevents the formation of new biofilms! Use of SanClean Hypochlorous Acid HOCL within the whole production line The production line – valve centre, sugar solvation tank (flash pasteurizer plant, liquid sugar), sugar filter (kettle filter), sugar tanks (separate cycle), mixer, CO2 -carbonator, flash pasteurizer-plant finished beverage, filling plant, CIP return to the water tank – can be cleaned with help of existing CIPinstallations and disinfected by SanClean Hypochlorous Acid HOC. Comparison of CIP-disinfection with hot water, Peracetic acid, and SanClean Hypochlorous Acid HOCL: (Basis: CIP-system with a volume of 7m3 ).

Filling and packing

The filling is the last process step during the preparation of beverages and also the first step of the packaging process. This is one of the most sensitive steps within the whole production cycle. It decides how long original quality can be maintained and thus the minimum durability of your product. The longer the period until the expiry date is, the better are the possibilities for distribution. During the filling process high demands for filling hygiene and quality assurance have to be met, the processing speed also has to be maintained. The SanClean Hypochlorous Acid HOCL Concept allows permanent disinfection in the filler area and its surrounding environment during the whole filling time. Sensitive, hygienic endangered areas are continuously disinfected by the use of a special spraying system. This technology maximises the microbiological safety.

Production stop times due to additional cleaning and disinfection are avoided. This allows more efficient use of the plant. As a side effect, the water consumption is reduced. The technology of permanent disinfection in the filling area, where the last dangerous point for the contamination of the beverage existed, improves the hygienic situation so dramatically, that the adding of preservatives to the beverage can be reduced. In some cases, the addition of preservatives is even redundant. At costs for preservatives of 1-2 pence per litre of beverage, this means cost savings of £10-20,000 for every 1 Million bottles that are filled!

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  • Phenomenal success in our target
  • Retain, high-paying customers
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  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Generating millions of dollars

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