Eaquasys Hypochlorous Acid (Sanclean HOCL/ANOLYTE) against Coronavirus pandemics?

Eaquasys Hypochlorous Acid (Sanclean HOCL/ANOLYTE) against Coronavirus pandemics?

It is just a few weeks that Coronavirus outbreak hit the word and affected all human life and world-class business. Shortage of Sanitizers and failure of the supply chain for disinfectants had been beyond any kind of expectations. Due to our experiences in HOCL production and its strong impact on a wide range of viruses including Herpes Simplex, Polio, Hepatitis-A and SARS from Corona Virus strain we initiated the process to test the efficacy of HOCL against the stain of Covid-19. This would be a reasonable hope to receive favourable results from our antiviral trial although still is very early stage to make any claim on destroying of Covid-19.

As scientific reports and academic papers claim the HOCL namely Anolyte has been successfully examined upon a wide spectrum of Microorganisms. Apart from effective control of basic food decomposition germs, HOCL is equivalently active against 99,9% of the tested serious human microorganisms which include but beyond Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp and E. coli 0157. 

Covid-19 is an airborne virus, which could transmit very actively by way of moisture or droplets come from previously infected bodies. Droplets can last for almost prolonged times to cover the skin of people and surfaces of all objects.

Chemical sanitizer coverage aside from its toxic nature and anti ecosystem effects mostly take time long contact time to get its strength to eliminate the pathogens, and likewise to limit cross-contamination of people and surfaces.

While Chemical sanitizers, when available, do affect below the golden time need to eliminate the Covid-19, SanClean HOCL (Anolyte) has reported up to 300 times more effective than chemical sanitizers. The main cause is the SanClean HOCL with most eminent stability is based on an elevated electrical charge or “super active energy” that destroys the microorganisms very quickly. This high electric potent dissolves the guarding lipid, coating the capsulated viruses and taking them to destroy. It is a fact that Viruses never form a resilient variant to HOCL and the risk of super- imposed either; is considerably reduced.

It is important to note that SanClean HOCL is safe to manage and stock, and non-hazard to people and pets. HOCL formulation contains the equivalent chemistry that the natural defence system of human bodies applies to defend itself from attacking pathogens. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a greatly influential disinfectant that is around nature PH, which secures it quite safe when in contact with people, but harmful for evading pathogens from any kind.


SanClean HOCL Anolyte has been trialled for hand-sanitiser. The results confirm that the Anolyte sterilized the hands after potent washing. The hand-washing study expert reads “Microscopic studies indicated that the ducts of the sebaceous glands were the major sites of growth. Sweat gland ducts contained little or no bacteria. Organisms on the surface of the skin may have grown on or in the skin itself, or maybe casual contaminants picked up from external sources”. 

HOCL, similar any common other disinfectants, will sanitise hands, but it is required to wash hands before sanitation due to the nature of the physiology of the skin. 


SanClean (HOCL) was successfully e trialled to sanitise surfaces at a poultry plant. The results were quite complimentary practising the tested organism E.coli.

“All dilutions, accepting the 1:100 solutions were effective for disinfection purposes using E.coli as a test organism.”

SanClean confirms that as a preventative device, all surfaces must be routinely disinfected to evade the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

SanClean supply HOCL equipment that supplies many litres of this reliable sanitizer.


  • A broad range of applications – a full spectrum from oxidant to anti-oxidant requirements
  • The adaptability of applying routes – immersion, spraying, fogging, infusion etc.
  • Harmless: non-toxic to people, pets and birds.
  • A Natural product = SanClean Solution
  • Eco-friendly: Biodegradable
  • Non-allergenic, non-sensitizing relative to chemical disinfectants and preservatives 

SanClean supplies HOCL Generators world-widely. We are furthermore qualified to provide HOCL solution’s within our regions from our facilities in the UK, Turkey and Oman.

For more information, please visit eaquasys.com or follow us on social networking. Email: info@eaquasys.com.

Eaquasys Consortium has developed the latest generation (G3) of HOCL reactors and concentrated on developing and commercializing its licensed green world technologies. The company has placed operating devices on six continents and still is in rapid growing up. Eaquasys’ products are used in an extended range of green businesses previously dependent on hazard chemicals for controlling the viral and bacterial infection. The firm has core attention on markets consists of water treatment, beverage production, meat & Poultry and seafood, sauce manufacture, home care, schools, and hospitality. Eaquasys Consortium offers reactors in its regions from small to big sizes. Eaquasys UK is the central office, responsible for international distributors to spread the technology of health and safety, globally.

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