Enumeration and Identification of Coliform Bacteria Injured by Chlorine or Fungicide Mixed with Agricultural Water.

J Meals Prot. 2016 Oct;79(10):1789-1793. doi: 10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-16-124.

Izumi H1, Nakata Y1, Inoue A1.


Chemical sanitizers could induce no damage (micro organism survive), sublethal damage (micro organism are injured), or deadly damage (micro organism die). The proportion of coliform micro organism that had been injured sublethally by chlorine and fungicide combined with agricultural water (pond water), which was used to dilute the pesticide resolution, was evaluated utilizing the skinny agar layer (TAL) technique. In pure cultures of Enterobacter cloacae , Escherichia coli , and E. coli O157:H7 (representing a human pathogen), the proportion of chlorine-injured cells was 69 to 77% for dilute electrolyzed water containing an out there chlorine stage of two ppm. When agricultural water was combined with electrolyzed water, the proportion of injured coliforms in agricultural water was 75%. The isolation and identification of micro organism on TAL and selective media recommended that the chlorine stress triggered damage to Enterobacter kobei . Of the 4 fungicide merchandise examined, diluted to their beneficial concentrations, Topsin-M, Sumilex, and Oxirane triggered damage to coliform micro organism in pure cultures and in agricultural water following their combination with every pesticide, whereas Streptomycin didn’t induce any damage to the micro organism. The proportion of damage was 45 to 97% for Topsin-M, 80 to 87% for Sumilex, and 50 to 97% for Oxirane. A comparability of the coliforms remoted from the pesticide options after which grown on both TAL or selective media indicated the potential of fungicide-injured Rahnella aquatilis , Yersinia mollaretii , and E. coli . These outcomes recommend the significance of choosing an appropriate sanitizer and the need of adjusting the sanitizer focus to a stage that may kill the coliforms fairly than trigger sanitizer-induced cell damage that may end up in the restoration of the coliforms.


Agricultural water; Chlorine; Coliforms; Fungicide; Injured micro organism


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