SanClean-G1 Vs Chines cheap ElectrolyzersDo you believe that Cheap Chines electrolyzers can make hypochlorous acid?

This is a frequent question arisen that why the price of SanClean G1 is higher than chines electrolyzer products?

We should emphasize that the prise of health-related products mostly relies upon the quality and in this case at the excellent of the electrolysis element, control system, and durability of the body.  SanClean G1 structures use the best quality of Titanium electrodes by an adequate size.  These are enlarged electrolysis cells that could make 1 litre of pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL ) just with 1 gram of table salt.                                  Other competing chines systems won’t be producing hypochlorous acid and mostly make Hypochlorite na which is toxic and very unstable. Their electrolysis cells in most cases are crafted from steel which is deprived by using and change to health threaten alloy which makes harmful chemicals like chromium that may be carcinogenic.

Eaquasys increased the quality and decreased the price of the new series of SanClean G1. SanClean Always the Best

New Generation of SanClean G1 equipped by very durable fully Titanium electrodes launched by Eaquasys on 23 Jun 2020.

Purchase and Pay for New Generation of SanClean-G1 HOCL Sanitiser Portable Generator with durable full Titanium Electrodes.

You can easily buy SanClean G1, directly from Eaquasys. Please Leave your full address, email and mobile number for delivery.
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Purchase and Pay for SanClean-G1

You can easily buy SanClean G1, directly from Eaquasys. Please Leave your full address, email and mobile number for delivery.
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sanclean in home usage

SanClean in Home Usage

SanClean-G1  is the best choice for home and office sanitation as well as for mini-clinics.

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SanClean in Restaurant

SanClean-G1 is a very economical way to give you a sterilised and clean area of work and production.


SanClean in Dentistry and Clinics

SanClean-G1 is the right choice for all sanitary needs of the clinic, dentistry, medical and laboratory premises.

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SanClean in school wooden table

SanClean in School Kitchen

SanClean-G1 is a very reliable Anolyte generator to make your office, facilities and equipment,  clean and sanitised without the need for any chemical detergents.

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SanClean in Operation

SanClean in Operation

SanClean-G1 has been designed for Sanitation & Cleaning of home and small business areas.

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sanclean beauty saloon 2

SanClean in Beauty Salon

SanClean-G1 is an efficient dual stream portable generator to produce Anolyte and Catholyte.

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The Eaquasys Electrolised Water system:

Bacteria and Yeast>5 log reduction
30 ppm50 ppm
Viral Pathogen>3 log reduction
50 ppm200 ppm
Norovirus (Norwalk virus)<5min<1min

Jof Food Protection 2006 Sep;69(9):2143-50.

Int J Food Microbiology 2002 Jan 30;72(1-2):77-83.

Jof Nosocomial Infection Control, 1998 May;3(1)

App.andEnviron.Microbiology,2007July;73(14): 4463–4468

Applications of SanClean-G1

  • SanClean G1 is a generator of the solutions to meet your needs of Sanitation & Cleaning
  • SanClean  G1 is an efficient double stream portable generator to produce Anolyte and Catholyte.
  • SanClean G1 is a very economical way to give you a sterilised and clean area of work and production.
  • SanClean G1 is the best choice for home and office sanitation as well as for mini-clinics.
  • …..
  • SanClean HOCL/Anolyte is used for the purpose of preventive and focal disinfection in home and at the facilities of public utility services (hotels, hostels, markets, objects of consumer services, the provision of funeral services, the company for the collection, transportation and processing of waste and others, landfills for municipal solid waste) in the catering facilities (including restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars, buffets, catering department, pastry shops), food and non-food trade, consumer markets, institutions of education, culture, recreation and sport (Cultural and recreation centres, cinemas, shopping centres, government buildings, offices, sports facilities, swimming pools, exhibition halls, museums, libraries, etc., baths, sauna, solarium, hairdresser, laundry, spa salons, beauty salons, department cosmetics, medical cosmetics, public toilets); at the facilities of spa facilities (including offices procedural manipulation, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy) for water supply and sanitation facilities; at the facilities of Laboratory, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies; at sites of vehicles (including transport of foodstuffs passengers); the cleaning companies and in medical and health facilities; Ambulances, etc. for the purposes of preventive decontamination and disinfection.

New SanCleanG1/100 Electrolyzed Water ECA System (2 in 1), Generate Disinfectant Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl Anolyte) or Degreaser KOH with a colourful searchable Digital User Manual in a CD-ROM.The Unique real portable HOCL maker in the market

sanclean G! all in one
Concentration:   Up to 200 ppm of hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Production Rate (Setting 1):  1 Liter at 40 ppm in 3 minutes
Production Rate (Setting 2):  1 Liter at 60 ppm in 5 minutes
Production Rate (Setting 3):  1 Liter at 100 ppm in 8 minutes
Production Rate (Setting 3):  0.5 Liter at 200 ppm in 8 minutes
Oxidation Potential of Anolyte (HOCl): 800-1000 mV
Reduction Potential of Catholyte (KOH): -200 to -300 mV
Model:   SanClean G1
Electrolysis Cell: Titanium
Power Supply:   110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions:   21 x 15 x 36 cm (8.3 x 5.8 x 14 inches)
Weight:   0.6 kg (1.3 lbs.)

The Sanclean G1 isn’t like the toys on the market with unspecified vendors, but it’s a real HOCL portable generator, the result of five years of research and development. Sancleane G1 produces effective and stable hypochlorous acid from 10ppm to 200 ppm (preset 30-80ppm) with the same quality as the industrial generators. You can use it with confidence.

  • The SanClean G1 is a , a portable home unit that can generate one litre of real electrolysed water  in as little as five minutes.
  • Electrolyzed water is an all-natural, non-toxic, and non-hazardous solution that can be used for disinfecting or degreasing.
  • As a disinfectant, it is 100 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. As a cleaner and degreaser, it can effectively dissolve water-insoluble substances.
  • To make an all-natural disinfectant, only two ingredients are necessary, table salt and water.
  • The SanClean is filled with water up to the 1-litre mark.
SanClean Real photo

A one gram measuring spoon is used to add 1-2 grams of table salt to the water.

  • After powering on the unit and waiting for approximately 5 minutes, the electrolysed disinfecting water will be generated.

Similarly, an all-natural cleaner and degreaser can be generated by substituting table salt for potassium carbonate.

Table of Summary

Generates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) with an ORP between +800 and +1000 (setting 3)

1. Add tap water (or purified water) up to the 1 Liter mark

2. Using 1 gram measuring spoon, add 1 gram salt per 1/2 Liter of water *

Use only food grade salt (NaCl). It is recommended to use pure and natural salt without iodine.

3. Add 1 tsp. of distilled white vinegar (5%) (optional but recommended to optimize pH).

Adding vinegar will lower pH therefore allowing hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to be the dominant free chlorine molecule.

4. Place lid and plug-in the power supply ***

Power supply must be dry.

Some Facts:

  • The molecular formula for hypochlorous acid (Anolyte) is HOCl
  • HOCl is a free chlorine molecule that can be measured with chlorine test paper
  • HOCl is most dominant in a chlorine solution between pH 5 and 6


Chlorine test paper provides a simple, reliable, and economical means to measure the concentration of free chlorine in sanitising solutions. With colour matches at 10, 50, 100 and 200 ppm, the test paper measures concentrations between 10 and 200 ppm. In the food industry, federal, state and local health regulations require users of chlorine-based sanitiser solutions to have appropriate test kits available to verify the strength of sanitiser solutions.


1. Keep out of reach of children.

2. Store additives in a clean and dry location.

3. Only use normal tap water or purified water.

4. If the unit becomes damaged or leaks, immediately disconnect from the power supply at the wall.

5. Do not immerse the system into water. Do not clean in a dishwasher.

6. To clean unit, rinse only with tap water.

7. The unit can cause electric shock if not used properly.

8. Empty the pitcher after use and rinse with tap water.


Medical Application of SanClean-G1

Universal antimicrobial spectrum of SanClean Anolyte includes its effective application in medicine, food industry, public utilities, as well as to act on particularly dangerous infections at a very low concentration of active factors (up to 500 mg/l), absence of detection of microflora resistance, the inability to accumulate in the environment for active factors and for their degradation products, other positive signs make closer SanClean Anolyte to the category of the highest requirements mentioned for products of chemical disinfection.


SanClean G1 is potent to make 1 litre of Anolyte (HOCL) in 5 minutes to cover a small clinic or dentistry by a green sanitizing solution.

Creating a Holding Solution Tank filled with Eaquasys SanClean Anolyte allows for dental instruments to include critical or semi-critical devices to be quickly and effectively Pre-Cleaned or Decontaminate prior to sterilization or high-level disinfection with just a quick light rinse after removing them from the tank prior to each use.

Scientific proofs on research fields

Scientific proofs regarding the effectiveness of HOCL on eradication of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

Throughout the last decades, we have analysed over 700 published research papers and industrial reports from many fields of study, confirming the applying of Electrolysed Water (HOCL, ECA, Anolyte, EW).  Almost every widespread pathogens have been studied including  E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Vibrio, Staphylococcus Aureus, MRSA, spore-forming bacteria, and many well-known viruses and fungi. To read more please click our research page and search by microorganism or field of application to have access to applied research.

SanClean G1 can produce HOCL from 30-60- 100 ppm by the first round and - 130-160-200 ppm by the second round

To obtain extra data contact to our gross sales division.

Healthcare & Medical Places

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Community Places & Entertainment

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Surface Transport & Logistics

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We sit up for doing nice issues with you in an effort to shield your merchandise not solely from microorganisms however from hazardous chemical substances.

Click here to see more test results on the effectiveness of Anolyte for the eradication of pathogens.

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