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HiLAB Microorganism detection system

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How HiLab works?


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  • HILAB BOX 3D viewContinued emergence of Superbugs
  • Accusations of soiled hospital & media consideration
  • Deal with environmental and hand hygiene
  • Want for goal measurement
  • Proof of service supply
  • Value discount

HiLAB a Hygiene Monitoring System

Two half system composed of

Hilab frame1

1. = Detection instrument

• supported by elective knowledge evaluation

software program

2. Swab machine for pattern assortment and testing

HiLAB A Real Time Diagnostic SystemAccurate, Rapid, Effective

provides a rapid objective detection system:

  • It is a highly accurate System
  • simple convenient and easy-to-use
  • enables you to ‘see the invisible’
  • Well proven technology
  • Many applications
  • Cleaning is a key part of infection prevention and control
  • Effective cleaning maintains a safe patient environment and reduces costs
  • Visual assessment methods of cleaning are subjective and of questionable value
  • Correct use of rapid testing in sterile services improves efficiency, gives
  • meaningful results and reduces costs
  • Better management information enables better targeting and focusing of
  • resources to provide more control that drives an improve
  • Designed for:
  • Simplicity ( straightforward of use)
  • Comfort
  • Robustness
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Multi-functional

HiLab is the highest quality of hygiene monitoring systemHiLab, A portable lab

Buy HiLab for all microbial detection and keep your brand and your industry safe.
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  • Sensitive: detect up to 10-16 mole of ATP
  • Real-time and repaid detection: results in 10 seconds
  • Small, Handy and portable
  • Easy operation: 3.5’’ high resolution, colour screen, menu- driven
  • Battery: more than 8 hours continually
  • Memory: 10,000 readings
  • Open Reagents: Compatible with swabs from other manufacturers
  • Blue tooth
  • Software and cable included
  • Auto software updates
  • Self-calibration
  • Template: includes different industries and locations with suggested upper and lower limits

Specifications of HiLab

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 22.18.47

Comparison of HiLab Microorganisms detector with the traditional cell culture method

Hilab comparing table
HILAB product Highlights


hilab 3 kind of swab

Detect any contamination in just 10 seconds by Hilab

HiLAB detection technology provides you with the easiest, fastest and most effective and reliable way to protect yourself, your industry and products from any neglected infection and decontamination.

hilab working 6 pic blue

Food and hospitality Industries like most of the other industries need Eaquasys S1200 as well as HiLab.

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Healthcare & Medical Places

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Community Places & Entertainment

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Surface Transport & Logistics

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HiLab User Manual
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HiLab's Swabs
HiLab Recharging
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HiLab Bluetooth Conection

We stay up for doing nice issues with you with a purpose to defend your merchandise not solely from microorganisms however from hazardous chemical substances.

Our applications

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Agriculture & Livestock
Agriculture & Livestock
Airlines, Airports & Stations
Entertainment & Community
Surface Transport
Food Industries
Agriculture & Livestock
Grain, Milling storage & Silos
Agriculture & Livestock
Meat Production-Poultry
Agriculture & Livestock


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