In a sauce plant, water quality is of the utmost importance as it is one of the primary ingredients in the manufacturing process. Often, municipal water is not re-treated and may create a microbial spoilage problem. Micro-organisms and bio film are ubiquitous in moist or damp environments. Manufacturers should also consider other areas of possible microbial contamination.

ECA benefits to the Sauce manufacturer

  • Decontamination of process water as well as being a product ingredient
  • Shelf life extension of preservative free products
  • Reduction of food preservatives
  • General in-process surface disinfection

Executive Summary Due to an unidentified contamination problem, bottled sauce products were exploding on supermarket shelves. Challenges Famous Brands has a number of fast food operations including (Steers) a burger chain and Wimpy. Famous Brands is a R500 Million turnover group listed on the JSE. The cost of customer returns, potential product liability from exploding glass and eventual discontinuation by supermarkets.

required a quick solution. How Product Helped The inclusion of Anolyte in the ring main, assuring decontamination of process water, terminal sanitation after cleaning, but also improved staff hygiene in the form of hand washing and showering. CIP of equipment revealed a build-up of Biofilm in the pipes that Caustic could not remove. Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans The cost of the returns when the problem first occurred was in the region of R1,5 – R2 million per annum. The problem has not since occurred.

“ Radical Waters Technology has provided considerable value to our entire sauce production process. We would highly recommend the technology and services offered by them to any organization striving for total plant hygiene management”.

“The Technology was employed to resolve some serious hygiene challenges in our production facility, and has been used extensively in our production process, and has become an integral part thereof. If the Radical Waters system goes off-line, we shut down until the system is up again” Pedja Turanjanin