Starch manufacturing is a complicated and chemical intensive process.

Quality production requires low levels of microbial contamination and minimal chemical residue in the manipulation of starch compounds. To produce starch of the highest pharmaceutical-grade, manufacturers must ensure a flawless manufacturing process avoiding exposure to contamination. Without which, starch manufacturers risk producing low grade product at a restricted trade price.


ECA benefits to the Starch Processor

  • Integration for Real time Sanitation in Place (SIP)
  • Improved assurance of pharmaceutical grade starch production
  • Reduction of noxious chemicals such as Sulphur dioxide
  • Reduced plant down-time with extended production run time

The purpose and advantages of using ECA in the starch extraction process:

  • It is a new method of reducing the presence of superficial bacterial and fungal contaminants that may proliferate during steeping.
  • Replacing the potential harmful currently used chemicals.
  • It is a non-toxic remedy for in-process decontamination that is much more effective than molecular chlorine or hypochlorite.
  • It will assist in reducing contamination of the extracted grain germ to improve the keeping quality and to limit constituent peroxidation which may contributes to rancidity of the extracted products.
  • It is a food grade biocide used for downstream control of surface microbial biofilm growth.
  • By using ECA it is possible to increase the percentage of pharmaceutical grade starch produced from food or industrial starch slurry. (This is the really important part.)